Dear Friend,

As a member of Loves Park’s City Council I am honored to serve the citizens and businesses of this community. My goal is to involve and inform those I represent in all aspects of city government. I am working hard to ensure you have a voice here in our city.

With our city, close to 25,000 residents, it is still one of the few cities in Illinois that carries a zero property tax rate. By working within our budget, anticipating our expenses and maintaining a surplus; Loves Park can afford to give exceptional city services to its people without this added tax burden.

Our police force and volunteer firemen are unmatched and provide outstanding response time.

Loves Park is a wonderful place to live and raise a family. Our city offers affordable housing, employment opportunities, three school districts and some of the best parks and amenities in the state.

This is why there is nowhere else I would rather live. To help keep you informed and updated on current issues facing Loves Park, some useful tools were added.

Sign-up for my free on-line newsletter, follow me on Twitter, Like the Facebook page, view our city codes online and you can even refer other citizens to this site. Take advantage of this by clicking the interactive sections located on the this page.

As always, if you have an issue or concern feel free to reach me using the contact information page or e-mail me at

Warmest regards,

Clint W. Little, First Ward Alderman
Loves Park, Illinois

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If you have a concern or request you can call Alderman Little directly 815.885.6610 or submit your information below so Alderman Little can respond to your request.  Please include your contact information and detailed description of your concern.

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